Loveable Valentine’s Day Card

Loveable Valentine's Day Card

Loveable Valentine's Day Card

We know the next holiday will be Valentine’s Day, so here’s a card to get your creative thoughts flowing. You will need:
A4 Red card
Beige Cardstock
Red Patterned Paper
Die Cut letters or stickers to spell LOVEABLE (I used Cricut Jasmine letters @ 1.5″)
White Photo Corners
Heart Stamp
Red Embossing Powder
Gold Heart Stickers
Heart Border Punch
Scissors, Glue Stick, Glue Dots, Ink Pad, Paper Crimper (optional)
Cut a heart border on the right side of Red A4 card, but do not to go the whole way to the bottom.
Cut a piece of beige cardstock to 4.5″ x 4″. Cut a piece of red patterned paper to 4″ x 3.5″. (I ran mine through a paper crimper to add a little more texture.) Glue the beige & red paper together.
Stamp a heart design on beige cardstock and emboss with red embossing powder & set with heat tool. Cut the design out & adhere in left top corner with glue dots.
Adhere the word LOVEABLE to the bottom of card topper and place white photo corners on bottom left and top right corners.
Attach card topper to red A4 card with glue dots for dimension.
Place gold heart stickers here and there as desired. Well there you have it, an easy card for someone you love. Happy crafting :o)

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Make a card with HOTP Diamond Folds Template

Card using HOTP Diamond Folds Template

Card using HOTP Diamond Folds Template

Have you tried the Hot Off the Press Templates to jazz up your cards and scrapbook pages? They add flair without a lot of work. This card is one that I made quickly, but it has different focal point that I created using the Diamond Folds #2 Template. I used DCWV Metallic Cardstock for the base of the card. Then I took a piece of matching patterned paper and simply traced a diamond fold pattern onto the front of the paper. Then, using a craft knife, I cut the pattern. Before I folded the diamond shapes back, I inked the white side of the paper with a silver ink pad before folding the cut diamond folds back. I give these templates five stars! They’re becoming favorites of mine. You can get one here:

Elegant Thank You Card

Elegant Thanks Card

Elegant Thanks Card

This beautiful card really isn’t a hard one to make! You will need:


  • Red A4 Card
  • Piece of Beige Cardstock
  • Piece of Patterned Paper
  • Swirly Die Cut (I made mine with the Home Accent Essentials- Cricut)
  • 1 1/4″ Round Scallop Punch
  • Floral Pin
  • Small (1/8″) Adhesive Gems
  • Pop Dots
  • Silver Pen or small heart & Thank You Silver Stickers
  • Lace Border Punch
  • Brown Ink Pad
  • Small Piece of Salmon RibbonInstructions:Cut a piece of beige cardstock a little wider than the card front and make a lace edge on the right side.
    Cut a piece of patterned cardstock wide enough the fit on top of the beige cardstock, but not cover the lace edge. Glue together.
    On the top left edge, fold a small piece down and adhere with a foam dot. Ink all the edges with the brown ink pad before attaching this to the card front.
    Make or use a swirly die cut and ink the edges too according to your taste. <br> Make a scalloped circle from beige cardstock and also ink those edges. Place a small jewel around the edge on every other scallop.
    Tie a small bow from the salmon ribbon and push the floral pin through the know (this helps keep the knot from untying). Push the pin through the scalloped circle. If you don’t like the end sticking out, simply use a wire cutter and trim it.
    Adhere the swirly die cut to the card front using pop dots (you may have to cut them in half if your die cut is delicate like mine).
    Adhere the scalloped circle to the bottom right of the card. Write or place Thank You stickers and also a small heart to the top left corner where the paper is folded down.That’s it! A beautiful card for a beautiful friend :o) Happy craftingFor more fun card ideas and discount scrapbooking & card amking supplies, come visit me @
  • Using acrylic stamps

    using acrylic stamps

    using acrylic stamps

    I keep getting asked the same questions over and over about the new acrylic stamps, and what is needed to use them. It is a bit confusing when all most of us have known for years are the pink rubber stamps mounted on a block of wood— but have no fear, this is so easy and you’ll just love them! I am an addict myself after taking a long time to become “just ok” at using rubber stamps!

    I hated those smeared, the off-center greetings I used to stamp (so frustrating), not getting the ink all on the paper….so when I decided to try acrylic stamps, I got hooked really fast. Since they are clear, you can see exactly where you are stamping and can even stamp again in the same place if something goes wrong and your design doesn’t turn out the way you wanted.

    To start, you will need a clear acrylic block. This is the surface that you attach the acrylic stamp to. Acrylic stamps have a cling surface built right into them. Simply peel the acrylic stamp off the plastic sheet it comes on and place it on the acrylic block. No fuss at all!When you are finished using your acrylic stamp, simply wash in soap and water and return it to the clear plastic sheet it came on.

    The acrylic stamps are such a huge improvement over what we used to have to work with. They’re so simple to use and simple to store. You can even punch holes along the side of the plastic sheet they come on and place them into a binder. Happy stamping!

    An easy card to make…

    make this easy greeting card!

    make this easy greeting card!

    I just love getting a handmade card. It makes me feel like someone really card to go the extra mile just for me. Now you can do the same with this easy “Thinking of You” card. It’s easy and fast and you can use supplies that you have to substitute for the things I used.




    This is a very fast card to make, but it’s simplicity makes a statement. You will need:


  • A4 beige card
  • beige satin ribbon
  • dark red card stock
  • beige patterned paper
  • glue stick
  • sentiment stamp ( I used Kolette Hall ~ you can use any sentiment you wish)
  • embossing heat gun

  • black ink pad
  • 2 different sizes of scalloped circle punches (2″ & 1.5″ )






    Using beige card stock, make an A4 card with the fold at the top.

    Cut a piece of dark red card stock slightly smaller than the front of your beige card.

    Cut a piece of beige patterned paper slightly smaller than the dark red card stock.

    Adhere the beige patterned panel to the dark red card stock panel, centering it.

    Tie a length of beige satin ribbon around the dark red and beige patterned paper panel. Place the ribbon towards the top 1/3 of your card and knot it.

    Punch a scalloped circle out of the dark red card stock with the 2″ circle scallop punch. Punch a 1.5″ circle scallop out of the beige patterned paper (or out of a piece of beige card stock as I did).

    Using the Birds Galore bottom stamp, ink just the bird and a couple of the flowers. Wipe away any unwanted ink from the stamp with an old rag or paper towel. Stamp the bird onto the beige scallop.

    Glue the two scallops together with a glue stick, or to pop them off the page, add a pop dot under each layer and stick the scallops onto the satin ribbon towards the left side of your card.

    Stamp a sentiment to the lower right side of your card with black ink, then quickly pour embossing powder over the ink while it’s still wet. Shake off the excess embossing powder. Warm the embossed area with your heat tool till it melts.

    All done! This is an easy and fun card to send for any sort of greeting. It’s nice for a thank you card, thinking of you, even a birthday.

    To use supplies from your own home, try tracing around two different sized drinking glasses and make plain circles instead of scallops. For the bird image, use a sticker or maybe some other rubber stamp. Above all, have lots of fun crafting!