Memory Cards, big or small?

How do you make it easier to begin scrapbooking your vacation photos? There are lots of things that can make it seem an impossible task, but maybe this helpful tip will make it easier. Trying buying several small memory cards for your digital camera and also a storage wallet rather than one super large memory card. Some of my memory cards take so long to download now that’s one of the reasons I put off printing the pictures.

So, if you have several activities planned for your vacation, use a different memory card for each one. That way you can label them to make separating your photos so much easier.

Don’t forget those scrapbooking embellishments. Visit Dinglefoot’s Scrapbooking for lots of fun ways to make your scrapbook unique!


Use them or lose them

How long has it been since you’ve even used a camera with actual film in it? For me, it’s been at least 6-7 years, and for a lot of you, much longer than that.

Because most pictures are now digital, it’s easy to lose them too. Try these few tips to keep from losing your pictures. Get a portable printer. They hook right up to your digital camera to make it easy to print photos right away.

Your printer can go with you on vacation so you can even start scrapbooking if the weather is bad one vacation day. Make sure you print a set of your pictures even if you usually store them on PC.