Loveable Valentine’s Day Card

Loveable Valentine's Day Card

Loveable Valentine's Day Card

We know the next holiday will be Valentine’s Day, so here’s a card to get your creative thoughts flowing. You will need:
A4 Red card
Beige Cardstock
Red Patterned Paper
Die Cut letters or stickers to spell LOVEABLE (I used Cricut Jasmine letters @ 1.5″)
White Photo Corners
Heart Stamp
Red Embossing Powder
Gold Heart Stickers
Heart Border Punch
Scissors, Glue Stick, Glue Dots, Ink Pad, Paper Crimper (optional)
Cut a heart border on the right side of Red A4 card, but do not to go the whole way to the bottom.
Cut a piece of beige cardstock to 4.5″ x 4″. Cut a piece of red patterned paper to 4″ x 3.5″. (I ran mine through a paper crimper to add a little more texture.) Glue the beige & red paper together.
Stamp a heart design on beige cardstock and emboss with red embossing powder & set with heat tool. Cut the design out & adhere in left top corner with glue dots.
Adhere the word LOVEABLE to the bottom of card topper and place white photo corners on bottom left and top right corners.
Attach card topper to red A4 card with glue dots for dimension.
Place gold heart stickers here and there as desired. Well there you have it, an easy card for someone you love. Happy crafting :o)

Find lots of discount supplies to make your own cards here.


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