Elegant Happy Anniversary Card



I made an anniversary card this week for my aunt and uncle. It was actually their 50th anniversary, so I wanted something a little more sparkly, but not too overdone either. I made the die cut on my cricut, and the “Happy Anniversary” is just a peel-off sticker. The longest thing to make was the die cut, and of course you know that an electronic machine doesn’t take too long to do it’s job :).

Afterwards at the end of the video, I show how I finished the inside…a very easy task. Just grab some elements from the front to put inside, and you will have a completed card in no time! Thanks for stopping by!


Heart Template Handmade Card


What do you do when you have the perfect punch, but there’s no way to move it so that the punched shape will be on the right place on your card? Sometimes there’s no good solution except to make or use a template.  For this card, I used Hot Off the Press 25 Hearts Template. I like the oblong shape of this heart because it matched my Burgundy Country Heart Brads! See video below for complete instructions: