How To Make a Tassel & Graduation Cap Card


It’s that time of year when there are graduations galore! Instead of getting a generic card for the grad, how about making one that matches their school colors?

It’s super simple to make a tassel, and I’ll show you just how easy and fast it is.

Other than that, you only need a 5 x 5 card, a 4 x 4 square in the school color(s) (if there are several colors,  you can make a few squares, each slightly smaller), and a smaller piece of black paper to mat to the 4 x 4 square. I also made a little tag with the Graduation Congratulations, and used 3 silver mini brads to embellish it. 2 were for the tag, and one attaches the tassel to the mortar board. Join me in the video below to make tassels for your cards!


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  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing!! I was looking to see how others were making the tassels, and you make it the same way I did — made me more confident in my own skills! lol

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