Vintage Thankful Card

Well, this card might not be totally vintage with the fresh colors of the paper, but the lace, flowers and jewels remind me of vintag-y things 🙂

This card was so fast to make, it was crazy! Hope you get a chance to look during this busy Thanksgiving season :).

I used Ranger Distress Ink to color the lace in just a few seconds, that’s all the older I had time to make it look lol


Need some ideas for using your Ranger Distress Inks?

Ranger Distress Inks are so versatile, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how to use them. The thing I love most about them is that they react with water. So when you spray water on the inks, they will spread and run, creating interesting effects.

One thing I like to do is make faux “old paper”. I’ve found that this technique works great on most paper, but especially smooth paper and my most favorite, the parchment papers. I think I got mine at Michael’s craft store.

First, cut the size of paper you want and then wrinkle it up. Moosh it up, whatever you need to do to get it all nice and wrinkled! Then smooth it out a bit and tap a Ranger Distress Ink Pad all over it. You will notice that of course the mountains (wrinkles) get inked and the valleys do not.

Now take a mini mister and lightly spritz with water so the ink runs all over. The last step is to iron the paper dry. I use a craft iron with no holes in the bottom. You can use any old iron that you don’t use for clothes any more. Voila….great looking “old paper” for your project!Here’s the inside of a card that I did with the Peeled Paint Distress Ink Pad.

Book Paper Flowers

With the popularity of ebooks and the Kindle, sadly real books are becoming a thing of the past. I still love the smell of a brand new book! I’ve always been a bookworm and just love the actual experience of sitting down with a cup of tea and a good book 🙂

So this business of making flowers out of books seemed a bit painful to me at first. But I went to Goodwill and found an older book for .50 that looked like one I would never get around to reading lol…but even so, it took me several weeks to actually get up the gall to rip it up!

But making flowers out of the pages is a beautiful thing! I love these! There even a way to take care of the acidic paper …so tune in below!  And if you don’t want them to be just plain paper, then simply jazz them up with Ranger Inks, Stickles Glitter Glue, or whatever else you have handy!

Finishing the inside of handmade cards

Do you ever make a cards and have no idea how to make the inside look finished? I’ve seen many handmade cards, but few with an inside that matches the work that went into the outside. I have an idea that will work with just about any card inside. All you need is a piece of smooth paper, Distress Ink Pad, a water mister, a craft iron and you’re good to go!

Simply click on the video for step-by-step instructions!