Heart Template Handmade Card


What do you do when you have the perfect punch, but there’s no way to move it so that the punched shape will be on the right place on your card? Sometimes there’s no good solution except to make or use a template.  For this card, I used Hot Off the Press 25 Hearts Template. I like the oblong shape of this heart because it matched my Burgundy Country Heart Brads! See video below for complete instructions:


My Sweet Valentine Card


This sweet and very easy Valentine’s Day card combined the luscious brown of chocolate along with the romance of traditional red, white, and pink. For the Valentine’s Day greeting stamp, just use whatever you have, or maybe spell L-O-V-E with letter stickers or die cuts. I used a heart punch that I had, and then ran the die cuts through my embosser just to add texture. If you want to add extras to your hearts, how about stickers, a stamped design, a stamped and powder embossed design, or maybe even cut around the edges with decorative scissors? The sky’s the limit!

How To Make A Tiny Fork Bow

tiny-fork-bow-comparison tiny-fork-bow

If you tie a little bow by hand, it can only get to a certain size, and then it’s just too hard to manage. The bow on top is one that I hand tied, and it measures 1.5″. Now that’s not large by any means, but what if you need a REALLY tiny bow? Then you need a fork :). I’m not joking. Grab a fork and some ribbon, and follow along as we make a teensy, tiny, little bow that is just perfect for die cuts, and anything that needs a dainty touch!

Easy Envelope Front Card


This card is clever, because you have a regular card AND a place to stash an extra surprise! It is a ton of fun too if you are into making your own envelopes, because then you can use any pattern of paper that you like. For mine, I just grabbed an A2 Invitation envelope in white. The card base was 6″ wide and 9″ long, so the envelope fit on it perfectly with a nice little edge all around it. Here are the details below: