How To Make A Tiny Fork Bow

tiny-fork-bow-comparison tiny-fork-bow

If you tie a little bow by hand, it can only get to a certain size, and then it’s just too hard to manage. The bow on top is one that I hand tied, and it measures 1.5″. Now that’s not large by any means, but what if you need a REALLY tiny bow? Then you need a fork :). I’m not joking. Grab a fork and some ribbon, and follow along as we make a teensy, tiny, little bow that is just perfect for die cuts, and anything that needs a dainty touch!


4 responses

  1. thanks for the video. I had seen this before step by step but I didn’t ever quite get it and this helped. Old age I guess. I usually wind up buying some on ebay. But this way I can save money and make them the color I need.

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