Embossed Thank You Handmade Card


This week’s project from Dinglefoot’s Scrapbooking is a super-easy and time-saving card! The front panel is embossed, but since it’s the same color as the background card, it looks like you took a ton of time to emboss just that piece of the the card front. Adding a little bit of ribbon and some scrap pieces of black and tan paper finished this card in record time!


Sunburst Handmade Card Idea


I’ve wanted to make a sunburst card for a while, but never decided to learn how until recently. I was afraid it would be a long, drawn-out process and I like quick cards! Much to my surprise, it was a very simple and fast project. Follow along and you’ll soon have your very own sunburst card! It can easily be adapted for a man just by choosing more earth toned papers. Try Graphic 45 papers!