Folded Paper for a Card Accent

If you try to keep up on the latest papercrafting trends, you will notice that one of them is paper folding. It’s actually an older technique, but like clothes, a lot of the trends come back after a while. With clothes, that’s not always a good thing :), but with papercrafts, this is a great one to make a comeback!

This week, my card just has a simple-to-make accordion fold accent. I used my Scor-Pal to make the folds (I’m not great at making them straight on my own), and the cardstock I chose was really heavy and hard to fold. You can use the same technique with any type of regular scrapbooking paper!

Your folds don’t have to be perfectly straight either…this card just has a buttoned-up look to it, so I think it suited it better to have the folds straight.


Paper folding – a fun look to cards!

It’s hard to keep up with all the scrapbooking and cardmaking trends, but one I really like is paper folding! This isn’t really new, I remember when it made it’s appearance a year or two ago. It’s not a hard skill to master either because the folds are just basic accordion folds.  My card that I will post on Thursday has accordion folds, so stay tuned!

Here’s a sneak peek!

Basically, either free-fold or in my case, I use my Scor-Pal to make scores at selected intervals, then fold them and adhere to the front of my cards. From there you can just glue them to your card or glue then stitch them down, it’s up to you! I just think it’s a neat dimensional look and it’s so easy too!

Elegant Thanks

I love to have extra cards around that I need the most often, like Thank You cards & Birthday cards. You always need them sooner or later. So, my first choice are ones that are easily made and work for almost any recipient.

This Thank You card is an easy & fast one, plus you can easily change up the colors and adapt it for birthdays as well. Enjoy 🙂

My current paper frustration!

Ok, I’m trying to get my craft room cleaned up….again. I make such a terrible mess when I work on projects, and right now, I can’t find anything, so that tells me it’s time to clean up lol.

But here’s my current frustration: I have so many little and big pieces of every kind of paper you could think of. I can’t bring myself to throw them out because I really hate wasting things. I keep thinking, I could put them in my Cricut and make all sorts of little flowers and things to use up the scraps & I’ve seen some vintage cards and things all made from scraps, so I could try that too. But I’m wondering, what other ideas do you have that I could make? Thanks in advance!

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Gadgety Birthday Card for a Guy

Guy's Gadgety Birthday Card

I get a bit uptight sometimes when I need to make a guy’s card, just like I do when I need to buy Christmas & birthday presents! I usually opt for gift cards, but still the greeting card has to get made too. This is one I came up with  a while back, and the cute tool and screw top brads (someone referred to them as “man bling” lol) are great for any Mr. Fix It!

A Handmade Card for a Guy

Well, my blog was broken last week, but as you can see, it’s up again 🙂 I asked for some suggestions on projects you would like me to make, and someone suggested cards for guys, so I hurriedly made this card. I will try to get some more general guy cards together, since this one would probably not be for just a friend 😀

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