Another Easy Mother’s Day Card!

Here’s another easy-as-pie Mother’s Day Card that is so elegant, Mom will love it! If you just want to use the front for a scrapbook page embellishment, that is a perfect way to use it too!


Wedding flowers are so sweet

Here’s another idea for wedding scrapbook pages. Make a layout with pictures of the wedding flowers, both bouqets and the arrangements for both the wedding and reception. Closeups of the bride holding her wedding bouquet are always a nice touch. Then place paper or silk flowers around the edges of the pictures for a sweet touch to the page.

By the way, did you know that wedding flowers were originally for warding off the body odor of the wedding attendees? And aren’t you glad that most people take baths regularly and wear deodorant these days? Yeah, me too!

Making a unique wedding album

What could you do to make a wedding album different? Well, lets think of traditions. Sometimes the bride is given different gifts for her wedding like the traditional saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. A fun idea would be to take pictures of all the special gifts the bride has gotten for her special day and make a page for each one. Ask her who the item is from and what the significance of it is to her. That will nicely fill in your journaling spots for each page!

Don’t forget those special embellishments to make each scrapbook page special!

Fun Wedding Scrapbook Ideas!

It seems that Summer holds the most weddings out of the year, and this year I have several friends getting married too! Wedding scrapbooking doesn’t have to be boring! I have a fun suggestion for a bridal shower. Why not get every guest to make 1 scrapbook page or a double layout to give to the bride-to-be? They could be made at the actual bridal shower as an activity! The pages would just need photo mats made to normal picture sizes and a few embellishments. The bride-to-be could also be presented with some sets of die-cut letters and other embellishments to finish it off after the wedding. What a fun memory that would be!

Make your flat scrapbook paper flowers 3-D

Do you have flower craft punches, Cricut Cartridges or punch out paper flowers that you have no idea how to use? Flat flowers just don’t seem to add much to our projects sometimes. Well, let’s make them a little more interesting with a few very easy techniques!

Inspiration for journaling

Sometimes it’s so hard to know what to say to describe your feeling for the scrapbook page you just created. That’s where wonderful Google comes in handy. Simply search for your topic plus the words “quote”, “sayings” or “poem”. Sometimes someone else has already written their feeling so much better than you ever could! Other sources I use often are my Bible and hymnbooks. I usually find that someone else can describe my feelings better for me that I can. So get on google, then grab your pen and get writing!

Finishing the inside of handmade cards

Do you ever make a cards and have no idea how to make the inside look finished? I’ve seen many handmade cards, but few with an inside that matches the work that went into the outside. I have an idea that will work with just about any card inside. All you need is a piece of smooth paper, Distress Ink Pad, a water mister, a craft iron and you’re good to go!

Simply click on the video for step-by-step instructions!

Make wedding layouts great!

Well, we’re getting into wedding season and I already know several that are happening right in my circle within the next month or two! So how do you make a wedding layout special? You don’t want the backgrounds and embellishments to outshine the brige & groom!

The best course of action is usually to choose colors from the wedding party’s outfits and try to keep the background as plain as possible to allow the pictures to shine through. White on white (or ivory on ivory) textures are ideal. Some greens (usually dark greens) from the flower bouquets are usually safe also, along with black, white, silver or gold. So let the memories begin! Happy scrappin’!

Making a photo the focus point of your layout

Are you adding several photos to your scrapbook page? You will want one of them to be the main focus. One way to do this is of course to make the focal picture bigger. If your pictures all happen to be the same size, you can simply tie a ribbon around the bottom third of the photo and tie a knot. A fun idea is to add a charm or flower on the ribbon too.

Another way to bring the focus to a certain photo is the use die cut or stamped arrows pointing to the picture, or brackets around the photo. You can also put flowers, buttons, swirlies or doodling around the focal picture. There are many ways to bring the eye to the place you want it on the page. Sometimes it helps to work on your layout, then set it aside for a while, or get a friend to look at it and watch where their eye goes first on the page. Happy scrappin’!

Mother’s Day Card

Make this Mother’s Day card for your mom! She will appreciate your thoughtfulness in making her a card that is unique and not like every other store-bought card. Grab the Butterfly Cardmaker’s Helper Kit to get your card made fast with all the right tools!