Making a photo the focus point of your layout

Are you adding several photos to your scrapbook page? You will want one of them to be the main focus. One way to do this is of course to make the focal picture bigger. If your pictures all happen to be the same size, you can simply tie a ribbon around the bottom third of the photo and tie a knot. A fun idea is to add a charm or flower on the ribbon too.

Another way to bring the focus to a certain photo is the use die cut or stamped arrows pointing to the picture, or brackets around the photo. You can also put flowers, buttons, swirlies or doodling around the focal picture. There are many ways to bring the eye to the place you want it on the page. Sometimes it helps to work on your layout, then set it aside for a while, or get a friend to look at it and watch where their eye goes first on the page. Happy scrappin’!


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