How To Use Scrapbooking Eyelets

Scrapbooking Round Eyelets

I get all sorts of questions about different scrapbooking products and one I get asked often is about eyelets. People ask if they are for clothes, and how to set them, etc. Well scrapbooking eyelets are for, you guessed it, scrapbooking. Usually scrapbooking eyelets are not made to be heavy-duty for going through your washing machine and dryer. Try the sewing department at your craft store if you are intending to use them for clothing.

What scrapbooking eyelets are great for is attaching vellum or other specialty papers that glue tends to show through. They are also great for lacing ribbons and fibers through, make great centers for flowers, adding a cute touch to paper clothing die cuts, and myriads of other uses.

Eyelets are also easy to set. There are specialty tools available, but all you really need is a hard surface, a hole punch, eyelet setter and a hammer. I’ve made a short video below showing you just how easy it is to set an eyelet. Happy scrapping!


Memory Cards, big or small?

How do you make it easier to begin scrapbooking your vacation photos? There are lots of things that can make it seem an impossible task, but maybe this helpful tip will make it easier. Trying buying several small memory cards for your digital camera and also a storage wallet rather than one super large memory card. Some of my memory cards take so long to download now that’s one of the reasons I put off printing the pictures.

So, if you have several activities planned for your vacation, use a different memory card for each one. That way you can label them to make separating your photos so much easier.

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Use them or lose them

How long has it been since you’ve even used a camera with actual film in it? For me, it’s been at least 6-7 years, and for a lot of you, much longer than that.

Because most pictures are now digital, it’s easy to lose them too. Try these few tips to keep from losing your pictures. Get a portable printer. They hook right up to your digital camera to make it easy to print photos right away.

Your printer can go with you on vacation so you can even start scrapbooking if the weather is bad one vacation day. Make sure you print a set of your pictures even if you usually store them on PC.

Using brads for scrapbooking

I use brads for almost every project I make. Why? Well, they’re cute for one :), and yes, they are functional too. If you’ve struggled with finding the right adhesive for vellum or other types of specialty papers, you can just use a brad in place of adhesive to hold everything together. They’re great for layering flowers, attaching embellishments like bookplates, ribbons, charms, etc and for a finishing touch, there’s nothing more simple than a brad.

Brads are as simple as can be, make a hole, insert your brad and spread the prongs out on the back. Even I can handle that :). Brads are simple, but I get lots of questions about them, so I made a short video showing how they work. Enjoy!

Using acrylic stamps

I love stamping my projects because there are so many ways to use stamps. You can watercolor the image, emboss it, color it with pens, paint it, leave it plain, chalk it, cut it out…the options are truly amazing!

Stamps are truly versatile and my favorite kind of stamps are the clear acrylic stamps. Why, you might ask? Well, I for one, am not good at lining things up when I can’t see exactly what I’m doing. And another reason is that acrylic stamps are kind of like wash & wear hair lol…use them, wipe them off with a baby wipe, put them back on the plastic. No fuss…as a busy mom, I sure can appreciate things that are easy!

If you’ve never used acrylic stamps before, here are some easy tips to get you started!

Wedding rings…

A great idea for a page in the wedding scrapbook might be to feature the rings. Most people buy an engagment ring besides the wedding rings. A picture I love in my own wedding scrapbook is both of our hands (with wedding rings on) placed on the Pastor’s Bible. And wouldn’t it be fun to have a story of the proprosal somewhere and why that particular ring was picked out for the bride-to-be? I think generations-to-come would get a kick out of something like that.

I hope these few tips have given you some ideas for either your own wedding scrapbook, or for one that you present to a friend or relative.

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How to use flocking for scrapbooking

Flocking Powder- comes in lots of different colors!

If you’re like me, you love fun textures for your projects, but sometimes it’s a bit of a mystery exactly how to apply the medium to your project. One of those is flocking powder. Flocking powder is essentially a soft material that’s cut up into microscopic pieces. And all you need to do is figure out how to make it stick to your projects….just kidding, I’ll give you a few clues 🙂

Wedding gifts can be memorable too!

Another idea for some wedding scrapbook pages are to feature the gifts given to the happy couple. How fun it will be for them to look back in the years to come and see the thoughtfulness of their friends and relatives. Just one picture of a toaster will do though…come to think of it, when I got married 10 years ago, no one even gave us a toaster 🙂 But we got so many towels that we still haven’t even used them up yet!

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