Simple Snowman Handmade Gift Tag


This  snowman idea caught my attention on Pinterest this week as I was browsing :). Every snowman I’ve ever seen has been stacked upright before, so the idea of a snowman looking up is just so cute! What a fun idea for Christmas gift tags or any winter time gift. I know we have three birthdays in our family, two are right before Christmas and one soon after, so this is a fun and different gift tag to make the outside of the gift special too!

I stamped and embossed my own background onto the tag, then cut my snowman body out at 2″, 1.75″, and 1.5″ circles. The carrot nose, branch arms and scarf were cut freehand and the tiny pieces were glued using the Tombow Glue Pen. Join me in the video for complete instructions.


Fast & Easy Handmade Christmas Card

This card is super simple and fast to make! I used a 3″ x 4″ red piece of cardstock, then cut a piece of Christmas patterned paper slightly smaller to mat onto the red. Then used ribbon, a Christmas greeting stamp with red ink and adhesive pearls to finish this card.

Christmas Wreath Handmade Card


My friend Beci, forever creative :), made a card last year with a cute Christmas wreath made from flowers that she punched from glitter paper. So I did my own take on her project this week. She actually used the Flower Power Punch, which has a bit of a more rounded petal on the flowers, and with the glitter paper she used, it didn’t need any extras to brighten it up.

Since my punchies were made from pearl paper, I added a few extras like Silver Stickles in the centers of my flowers, but it would look neat too with little gemstones like crystals or pearls in the centers. The greeting can of course be stamped and embossed, but if you were making a whole bunch, sometimes it’s easier to use a peel-off sticker greeting to speed up your cardmaking. This card took just a few minutes to make, so it works well if you’re late getting started on cards this year (ahem….like me!!).

Christmas Photo Card Holder

Sylvia’s Card

My Design using her idea


A few weeks ago, I got this lovely card idea in my mailbox from Sylvia. Thanks so much for sending your idea! Usually, we just get our Christmas photo card and unceremoniously dump  it into a plain old envelope and send it merrily on it’s way. Why not make something a little bit special with this fast and easy idea? You can get as fancy or as plain as you want with it, and I promise, it only takes minutes to make :).

Sylvia used a Cuttlebug embossing folder for that lovely wiseman scene. I used some peel-off silver ornament stickers for my card front along with a silver Merry Christmas sticker. Add to that a simple tape runner to put it all together, and you’re in business! (I forgot in the video below to show the back of her card. It has a lovely verse printed and stuck on the back along with a Christmas greeting from her family — adds the perfect touch!)

Tags make a great card topper!

If you’re in a hurry to get a card made, consider using a tag for the topper. I hate to be lazy, but anything that covers most of the front of your card is an easy winner :). Think of it, if it is shaped already, it has a certain flair without much work on your part.

You can then ink it around the edges with Ranger Distress Inks,  punch a hole to tie a few ribbons through it, then place a few outline stickers on it, and it’s done!

I found this beautiful tag that you can download from Delicious Scraps! Enjoy 🙂

Recycle while making cards?

All of us love the idea of recycling, don’t we? It’s just the responsible thing to do. While I was looking through various blogs today, I came across an awesome idea by Ferrellgraph-x blog. She made a fabulous greeting card using a soda can!

She simply washed it, of course lol, then flattened it out and cut what she needed, then ran it through with an embossing folder. The results are breathtaking! You can try it for yourself by clicking here —> Recycled Pop Can Card.

Retro Christmas Tree Card

By this time of December, you need very easy and quick cards for Christmas. This one is not only quick, but will help use up your scraps of paper!

I used 3 different scraps of green paper and one of brown to make this tree. It is easily decorated with buttons, stickles or peel-off stickers. Your kids will even get a kick out of helping you make this easy card!

Christmas Holly Card

Here’s a quick Christmas card that you can make in a hurry! You will need drying time for the stickles, but otherwise, the making of it is fast! Otherwise, you need glue, small buttons and 2 holly leaves, along with your paper for the card of course. A Peel-Off Greeting makes the finishing touch extra easy!