Christmas Wreath Handmade Card


My friend Beci, forever creative :), made a card last year with a cute Christmas wreath made from flowers that she punched from glitter paper. So I did my own take on her project this week. She actually used the Flower Power Punch, which has a bit of a more rounded petal on the flowers, and with the glitter paper she used, it didn’t need any extras to brighten it up.

Since my punchies were made from pearl paper, I added a few extras like Silver Stickles in the centers of my flowers, but it would look neat too with little gemstones like crystals or pearls in the centers. The greeting can of course be stamped and embossed, but if you were making a whole bunch, sometimes it’s easier to use a peel-off sticker greeting to speed up your cardmaking. This card took just a few minutes to make, so it works well if you’re late getting started on cards this year (ahem….like me!!).


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  1. Awwww, thanks. I didn’t actually use glitter paper, though. : ) You know that paper that’s sticky, and you cut things out, peel the paper off, then pour glitter on, shake it off and voila? Yeahhhh… that’s what I used. But… this is a better less time-consuming way! Beautiful! : )

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