Christmas Photo Card Holder

Sylvia’s Card

My Design using her idea


A few weeks ago, I got this lovely card idea in my mailbox from Sylvia. Thanks so much for sending your idea! Usually, we just get our Christmas photo card and unceremoniously dump  it into a plain old envelope and send it merrily on it’s way. Why not make something a little bit special with this fast and easy idea? You can get as fancy or as plain as you want with it, and I promise, it only takes minutes to make :).

Sylvia used a Cuttlebug embossing folder for that lovely wiseman scene. I used some peel-off silver ornament stickers for my card front along with a silver Merry Christmas sticker. Add to that a simple tape runner to put it all together, and you’re in business! (I forgot in the video below to show the back of her card. It has a lovely verse printed and stuck on the back along with a Christmas greeting from her family — adds the perfect touch!)

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