An easy card to make…

make this easy greeting card!

make this easy greeting card!

I just love getting a handmade card. It makes me feel like someone really card to go the extra mile just for me. Now you can do the same with this easy “Thinking of You” card. It’s easy and fast and you can use supplies that you have to substitute for the things I used.




This is a very fast card to make, but it’s simplicity makes a statement. You will need:


  • A4 beige card
  • beige satin ribbon
  • dark red card stock
  • beige patterned paper
  • glue stick
  • sentiment stamp ( I used Kolette Hall ~ you can use any sentiment you wish)
  • embossing heat gun

  • black ink pad
  • 2 different sizes of scalloped circle punches (2″ & 1.5″ )






    Using beige card stock, make an A4 card with the fold at the top.

    Cut a piece of dark red card stock slightly smaller than the front of your beige card.

    Cut a piece of beige patterned paper slightly smaller than the dark red card stock.

    Adhere the beige patterned panel to the dark red card stock panel, centering it.

    Tie a length of beige satin ribbon around the dark red and beige patterned paper panel. Place the ribbon towards the top 1/3 of your card and knot it.

    Punch a scalloped circle out of the dark red card stock with the 2″ circle scallop punch. Punch a 1.5″ circle scallop out of the beige patterned paper (or out of a piece of beige card stock as I did).

    Using the Birds Galore bottom stamp, ink just the bird and a couple of the flowers. Wipe away any unwanted ink from the stamp with an old rag or paper towel. Stamp the bird onto the beige scallop.

    Glue the two scallops together with a glue stick, or to pop them off the page, add a pop dot under each layer and stick the scallops onto the satin ribbon towards the left side of your card.

    Stamp a sentiment to the lower right side of your card with black ink, then quickly pour embossing powder over the ink while it’s still wet. Shake off the excess embossing powder. Warm the embossed area with your heat tool till it melts.

    All done! This is an easy and fun card to send for any sort of greeting. It’s nice for a thank you card, thinking of you, even a birthday.

    To use supplies from your own home, try tracing around two different sized drinking glasses and make plain circles instead of scallops. For the bird image, use a sticker or maybe some other rubber stamp. Above all, have lots of fun crafting!


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