Using acrylic stamps

using acrylic stamps

using acrylic stamps

I keep getting asked the same questions over and over about the new acrylic stamps, and what is needed to use them. It is a bit confusing when all most of us have known for years are the pink rubber stamps mounted on a block of wood— but have no fear, this is so easy and you’ll just love them! I am an addict myself after taking a long time to become “just ok” at using rubber stamps!

I hated those smeared, the off-center greetings I used to stamp (so frustrating), not getting the ink all on the paper….so when I decided to try acrylic stamps, I got hooked really fast. Since they are clear, you can see exactly where you are stamping and can even stamp again in the same place if something goes wrong and your design doesn’t turn out the way you wanted.

To start, you will need a clear acrylic block. This is the surface that you attach the acrylic stamp to. Acrylic stamps have a cling surface built right into them. Simply peel the acrylic stamp off the plastic sheet it comes on and place it on the acrylic block. No fuss at all!When you are finished using your acrylic stamp, simply wash in soap and water and return it to the clear plastic sheet it came on.

The acrylic stamps are such a huge improvement over what we used to have to work with. They’re so simple to use and simple to store. You can even punch holes along the side of the plastic sheet they come on and place them into a binder. Happy stamping!


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