Accordion Pocket Mini Scrapbook Album

accordion-pocket    accordion-pocket-inside

This cute little Accordion Pocket Mini Album is super simple, with the accordion part inside made from 2 business sized envelopes….or if you’re especially crafty, you could make your own envelopes in coordinating colors :). You can’t get any simpler and faster and this is great for just a stand-alone album or added to a scrapbook page as an interactive element. I made a closure for mine with Velcro and added a simple decoration to the outside with lace, labels (I used Spellbinders Label 6) and a flower. Add some little mats with pictures and so on for the pockets, and you’re finished!


12 responses

  1. I like your design Deborah! I know the reason to add one to your scrapbook page. It gives you peace of mind when you tuck away an odd keepsake. It lets you know that whatever item you want to save will stay there and not slip out and hit the floor next time you pick up your scrapbook. If I had a dollar for every time that happened to me I’d be rich now

  2. Excellent idea for keeping precious mementos safe and organized. I also enjoy taking things I love and turning them into a special card, piece of jewelry or packaging for returning to the person from whom I originally received it. It’s fun to see their face light up in recognition.

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