Mini Scrapbook Album for 50th anniversary


In September, we celebrated my mother-in-law and father-in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary. One thing we did was have the attendees write down memories they had. some of them were hilarious! I’m so glad we did that because it was a hoot to read through all of them :).

Anyway, now some months later, I finally got around to putting the memories into a book. I was looking for ideas, and saw several albums made from a pattern by Kathy Orta, called a mini album. I just love the look. Everything is handmade, from the covers to the binding system to the pages. The pages are awesome because they are filled from one end to the other with pockets which makes tons of places for tags and photo mats. I also added some handmade flowers that I’ve been learning to make.

Here are my results in a quick slide show on YouTube with their favorite song, Theme from A Summer Place.


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    • Thanks! My husband reminded me what their favorite song was. I was looking for hours trying to find the right music, and he rescued me šŸ™‚

  1. I gave my husband a 60th birthday party and sent out requests to his friends for stories about him. What came back was enough to fill 4 volumes. Nine years have passed, and my husband has now has dementia, but he reads through the stories and laughs. I am so grateful I had the presence of mind to collect them for him.

    • That’s such a beautiful story! You just never know what your efforts will do for someone. What a blessing that he can still find joy in those stories!

    • Thanks Angelina! It didn’t turn out too badly for my first Kathy Orta project, although there are some things I would change next time :).

  2. Thanks for this post Deborah! Very inspiring creation. My parents had their 50th and I went. Their wedding photos were lost in a moving truck fire after their wedding. My parents were shocked when my brother tracked down the old timer photographer and found the negatives. The photographer had put them away never knowing that 50 years later someone would come along and ask him for them. My brother developed the negatives and we all got to see them for the first time at my parent’s Anniversary party! No one knew they existed, especially my parents!

    • Wow, what a neat story and a miracle too! That must have been so special for your parents :). I have my parents’ wedding photos and I treasure them dearly now that they’re both gone.

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