Folded Paper Star Christmas Ornament


My friend Beci sent me a couple of ornaments in the mail last week, and they’re so fun, I decided to show you how to make them :). The very best thing is, they fold up into a tiny 1.5″ square, so you can store them away neatly without messing them up!

I used double-sided cardstock this time around, and I think it added a neat touch because you can see both designs as the ornament hangs on the tree. My paper of choice was a lovely one from Simple Stories, called “Handcrafted“. It has a quilt design on one side and a red plaid design on the other.

All you need are:

5 – 3″ paper squares

2 – 1.5″ paper squares

2- 5″ – 6” pieces of narrow ribbon

1- 2 hole  small button


This project is much easier to see than to write the instructions, so follow along below as I show you how I made my ornament.


6 responses

  1. Well, now how cute is that!! JoAnn’s has their Christmas cardstock on 1/2 price this week….so you know where I am going. Great project for crafty youngsters. Thank you for such a clear tutorial.

  2. ps…I really liked the double sided look but could not find double sided Christmas cardstock. BUT, I was able to find a pack of single sided Christmas paper from DCWV. I cut 5 (or could have cut 6) strips of 6 X 3″ paper, folded in half, then glued together to make the double-sided 3″ squares. Then I followed the video directions and the ornament came out perfect!
    Thanks to you both for sharing such an easy, fun craft.

  3. I didn’t have time for (or I was too lazy), but I also thought about the single-sided paper, and embellishing the inside with bling or something sparkly. : )

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