Alcohol Inks & Soot

This week, we have a fun technique to do where you can use alcohol inks or not. On the top picture, I just did the technique without alcohol inks, and then with the inks on the bottom picture. So you can see, if you want some beautiful colors, just add the alcohol inks first on your glossy cardstock.
So come along, bring a candle (seriously), and your favorite stamp. Then we will also need some sort of fixative. I just use glossy or matte varnish-type  clear coat spray to set it.

Please be aware that this project does involve an open flame, so please use the same precautions that you would use with any type of fire. There are no fumes from the ink because it dries very quickly.


2 responses

  1. Love this!!!! I can imagine the solid one with Halloween images stamped, can’t you? Question for you- if you are not using the alcohol ink, does the paper need to be glossy?
    Thanks, dori

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