Vintage Pin Mother’s Day Card

Do you have some vintage pins laying around? If not, you can get them so many places for next to nothing. Check out yard sales, Goodwills and other second-hand shops, also flea markets and antique stores. They usually cost next to nothing! Even if you wouldn’t always wear them in today’s fashions, they make the most lovely accents for cards!

For this card, all you need is your card, Graphic 45 scrapbooking paper for the background on your card, some satin ribbon, zots and a vintage pin, and you’re all set!


2 responses

  1. Brooches are back & Pins are in! Believe it it or not! So this card is totally in style. There are thousands of great brooches & pins out there for sale including at our shop Jewels So Sweet. This card is so beautiful Deb! I never thought to make a card using all the brooches & pins I have. It’s so simple too! If you need ribbon we have that at our sister shop, & your can find our cards at
    We love Deb & her creative ability to whip something up! Such talent! Thanks so much for sharing another great card idea with us. We can’t wait until next week.
    Jennifer K. O’Hara

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