Tim Holtz Texture Fades Birthday Card

Maybe I should have called this the “Brick Wall Birthday Card” lol. Somehow that doesn’t give the impression I wanted 🙂

I used Tim Holtz’ Bricked Embossing Folder to make this wonderful design. I love, love, love the Texture Fades embossing folders! They make such a nice deep image on paper. Before I embossed the paper, I stamped it. It’s too hard to stamp the image afterward because of all the ridges and valleys, so doing it before adds a unique touch!

You can follow along below for step-by-step instructions:


2 responses

  1. This is another fabulous card! I love how the ink & embossing shows up. I also really like the simple teared look of the card. Besides the terrific handmade roses, the best part is using the ribbon! We have ribbons at Mrs Supply for you to use on these cards or other cards, check it out. Enjoy! Thanks for another great, beautiful & easy card!

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