Black & White Paper Ribbon Card

What do you do when you have the paper for our card picked out and find that you have no ribbon to match? Well, just make it out of paper :). Ok, ok, it doesn’t look the same as ribbon, but it still has a fun and unique look.

I never seem to have exactly what I have in mind to make my projects and I refuse to run out and get one thing if I can possibly come up with some sort of solution. So, for this card, I couldn’t find ribbon or a brad to match lol. Easy enough, I just embossed a jumbo brad with the same black embossing powder that I used for the bird and branch stamp.  as long as your brad is metal (I’ve never tried this on an epoxy brad, wonder if it would melt??), you can always emboss it to change the color to one that suits you!

I also used Staz-On ink for my card because I stamped on pearl paper. The Staz-On is a solvent based ink, so you can use it on many surfaces that you wouldn’t be able to stamp otherwise. These include acrylic and plastic surfaces. Love, love, love it! I want to carry it in my store soon!


3 responses

  1. Nice! I’ve done that with brads — just rub them on glue then dip them in glitter. I know that’s not what you’re doing here, but it’s so cool and easy to change the color of brads. : )

  2. What a fabulous idea! I am still learning so much. Thanks for sharing with me. You are such a great teacher Deb! Keep up the great work. I am still watching you every week & loving it. Thank you so much. Do you sell those stickers you use that you got the happy birthday from? If so can you point me in the right direction?
    Thanks so much, Hugs, Jennifer

  3. I got the stickers at Hobby Lobby a long time ago, but they don’t carry them anymore. I’m still looking for them elsewhere. I’ll let you know if I find them! They’re so handy.

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