Adding flocking to your projects

Cold, blowing snow on top of a layer of ice. It’s 3 degrees out the weatherman says, and it feels like -21. Great night to stay inside and make something, right? How about adding some flock just for the fun of it? This is for you Beci, since you were asking  🙂

Flock is a nice soft loose powder, made from fabrics that are shredded into microscopic pieces. To me, it feels like crushed velvet. It’s super simple to apply. All you need is a wet pen, like Sakura Glaze Pens.  (It is best to use a pen that is similar in color to the color of flock you are using. This way you can cover up areas you missed with the flocking.) You could also use a glue pen or even double-sided tape.

Draw a pattern on your paper or trace over a pattern that is printed on your cardstock. Work in small sections because the ink will only give you about 30 seconds or so before it’s too dry to hold the flocking powder.

Generously dump a pile of flock onto your pen work, just like you would do with embossing powder. Shake off the excess and tap the paper to get the little extra bits off. Let it dry as you work on other areas of your paper. When you are completely finished with your design, let it all dry for a few minutes, then lightly brush over top with a paintbrush to get all extras off.

For extra fun touches, use different colors on your projects, like yellow or pink for a flower and green for leaves or vines. You can also make nice visual effects by adding flocking on other specialty papers like pearl papers. Have fun experimenting!


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    • Yes, you just let whatever medium you used (sakura pen, glue pen) to dry. It should only take a few minutes, then you can brush over lightly with a small paintbrush to remove the excess.

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