Iris Folded Maple Leaf Card

I’ve loved iris folding ever since I first came across it a couple of years ago. It has a lovely appeal and I know first hand that the people I’ve given iris folded cards have been amazed at how beautiful they are. Most have never seen this technique before.

Iris-folding is super-simple, you can make this leaf in just a few minutes! Grab a free pattern from and join me in the video below!

Some helpful items are carbon paper (for tracing your pattern on your cardstock), tape, zots for attaching to your card, & a craft knife. Then embellish with beautiful Peel-Off Stickers, and you have yourself a real gem!


4 responses

  1. You’ll keep me busy FOREVER, Deb! But that’s ok! : ) And hate to ask but (remember, I’m deaf so can’t hear you in the video) do you use just regular ribbon, please? Thanks!

    Hey folks, I went to Google and typed in ‘Iris Folding Patterns’. Wow! Did I strike gold! Give it a try! : )

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