Folded Paper for a Card Accent

If you try to keep up on the latest papercrafting trends, you will notice that one of them is paper folding. It’s actually an older technique, but like clothes, a lot of the trends come back after a while. With clothes, that’s not always a good thing :), but with papercrafts, this is a great one to make a comeback!

This week, my card just has a simple-to-make accordion fold accent. I used my Scor-Pal to make the folds (I’m not great at making them straight on my own), and the cardstock I chose was really heavy and hard to fold. You can use the same technique with any type of regular scrapbooking paper!

Your folds don’t have to be perfectly straight either…this card just has a buttoned-up look to it, so I think it suited it better to have the folds straight.


6 responses

  1. What a fun card. I have never tried anything like this nor have I ever scene one so this was a terrific thing to teach me this morning with my cup of coffee! Thanks so much. I love your videos so much. They are so helpful & fun!

  2. This is cool! But as I’m not able to afford that scoring board, I used a plain wood ruler. Every width of the ruler I moved in and folded the paper up against the ruler edge. Works great! Let’s hope crimping comes back as well. I have one and use it all the time. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Hi, the ruler is a great tool for folding! I forgot to mention that, so thanks 🙂 I still have my crimper & always liked that texture too. Hmmm…maybe another project idea!

  3. ANOTHER neat idea. Now if I could find the time and if I could remember all this stuff.
    Must make myself a note to try this. And this is a simple idea also for a male.

    • Thanks 🙂 Well, I’m not planning on taking the posts down (unless my blog crashes again lol), so it should be here if you ever have a chance to get to it 🙂

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