My current paper frustration!

Ok, I’m trying to get my craft room cleaned up….again. I make such a terrible mess when I work on projects, and right now, I can’t find anything, so that tells me it’s time to clean up lol.

But here’s my current frustration: I have so many little and big pieces of every kind of paper you could think of. I can’t bring myself to throw them out because I really hate wasting things. I keep thinking, I could put them in my Cricut and make all sorts of little flowers and things to use up the scraps & I’ve seen some vintage cards and things all made from scraps, so I could try that too. But I’m wondering, what other ideas do you have that I could make? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I keep them even small. I use the scraps with my punches and with some of the sizzix dies I have. I also have used them with the smaller cuttlebug embossing dies.
    But they are great for punching flowers or insects; etc. I found bits and pieces really good for eyes and beaks and small piece on die cuts.
    I have even used the border punches on strips. Shame most won’t cut cardstock.
    I even used some small pieces and made some pinwheel cards. And some are great for the hot off the press templates you have.
    I think you could even take them and make a mosiac background for cards or pages.
    Since I don’t do pages I think in terms of doing cards.
    Well I do some of the paperbag albums and have bought some mini albums but not tried them. But that is just some of my thoughts for scraps. But I know what you mean I cannot bring myself to throw anything out. I sometimes just cut small items like the flowers from punches and put them in a container. I used a bunch of these one time cause I messed a card up and I glued the flowers in different patterns and colors all over the card and then put a large butterfly right in the middle.

  2. Hi Deb! 🙂 You can give them away! Have your customers/readers flock to your blog for monthly giveaways. You’ll definitely feel great by giving back, and you’ll get tons of blog traffic too, because we all know we love freebies!

    Otherwise, you can also ask your customers if they’d like to receive those pretty scrap papers together with their orders, if they don’t add much to the shipping cost, of course.

    Happy crafting!

  3. I have the same problem. Usually, I keep the scraps on hand for my grandchildren when they come over, to craft with. Or like Patsy says, I sometimes use them with paper punches.

    I love the cards you make; I am solely a cardmaker, no scrapbooking here. I’ve “borrowed” a few of your designs, for sure! I was wondering if we’re allowed to post any cards we make here? In any case, I go around and email / snailmail (or just walk over and talk to) all my family and friends and ask them for any greeting cards they may not want — unused or received. I get so many! I reuse them in cards, and it’s so fun! My favorite thing to do is add glitter to some of them, like on snow features.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me talk.

    Card on women, card on! : )

    • Yes, a lot of times I give things to my kids too. They have a hard time punching though (which is their favorite thing to do!), so a lot of times they revert to photocopy paper 🙂

      Hmmm, I think you should be able to post cards. I wonder why it’s not working. I’ll have to check on that. If not, you can post them on my facebook group: . I would love to have some interaction there lol

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