Gadgety Birthday Card for a Guy

Guy's Gadgety Birthday Card

I get a bit uptight sometimes when I need to make a guy’s card, just like I do when I need to buy Christmas & birthday presents! I usually opt for gift cards, but still the greeting card has to get made too. This is one I came up with  a while back, and the cute tool and screw top brads (someone referred to them as “man bling” lol) are great for any Mr. Fix It!


4 responses

    • Thanks! Guy’s cards are really tough for me to come up with too. If you or anyone else has some ideas, feel free to share. Mine are pretty limited 🙂

  1. very nice card. Now I know what you would do with the tools.
    I am busy now trying to decide on some brads from your site.
    Oh, and maybe I can remember what to do with the letters too.
    Hmm, need some of the screw top brads too.

    • lol, I just love the tool & screw top brads. Makes any guy card so much easier!
      Oh, I have so many chipboard letters and things. Makes me frustrated because there’s always enough to spell a word one time, then I have no idea what to do with all the rest of them, so…that’s my thing, use just one and think of a word to go with it 🙂

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