No disrespect meant…

On Monday, I sent out my regular email to my email subscribers announcing that the Smooch Inks were in…I had someone complain that it was spam, so I’m guessing they read the title wrong 🙂 Seriously, no disrespect meant…that really is their name, Smooch Inks and they are so cool. They are accent inks in cool little bottles that look like nail polish bottles. The applicator of course is in the bottle, and the tip is foam. It’s so easy to get into small places or you can push down a little bit more to apply inks to a larger area.

Smooch Inks can be used on paper, plastic, metal, clay and much more! They can also be watered down to use a watercolor paint. Yep, so much fun! So anyway, didn’t mean to offend anyone. Have a great day!


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