Fun card using Distress Crackle Paint

When I got my shipment of distress crackle paint last week, there just happened to be one with no seal on it, so guess what? Yep, can’t let someone else have it if it’s “defective” ;), so I just had to try it out. What fun! No mess, just brush it on your paper and let it do all the work. It’s pretty thick paint, but you can easily thin it with a little bit of water and it will still crackle. What I like about it is that you can ink it, emboss on it, stamp on it, whatever strikes your fancy. So here’s my little card I made with crackle paint as an accent. Don’t forget to leave me a comment…always love to know what you think!


5 responses

  1. NIce. I have a couple jars of that. I need to try it out I guess. I just love all this stuff.
    And you have such a good site. Thanks.

  2. I have never used the crackle paint before, it I think it’s about time. It is so simple as you have shown. I didn’t realize that… shopping I a go! Thanks for showing me something new to me. You always make terrific videos that are so helpful – thank you.

    • Thanks :o) Crackle paint is fun! I alwyas just used regular acrylic paint when I wanted to, but I like the crackle effect, especially on shabby chic or distressed things.

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