Ranger Stickles on a Cricut Card

Whether it’s a card, die cut, flower or just plain paper, I think Stickles are my favorite accent for my projects that just need something extra. Several years ago when I saw my scrapbooking friends talking about them, I wasn’t sure even what they were. Then they said it was glitter glue and that didn’t impress me much. I mean, all the glitter glue I ever had, I would open it up squeeze it, and out would come a big runny mess of wet without really any glitter. So anyway, thankfully I made the plunge, got some Stickles, and I was immediately hooked! My favorite part is the small tip that makes writing easy and it comes out solid glitter every time, no wet messy junk first before I even get the half glue/half glitter hopeless mess that I was used to. I use them for the local nursing home bulletin board a lot, just to brighten things up on the different die cuts. They love it! So today I will show you this quick card that I made on my Cricut 🙂


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