Golden Wedding Anniversary!

When you find out that someone has been married 50 years, it’s definitely a time for major celebration! Some friends of my parents had their golden wedding anniversary this weekend and I was glad to be able to make a card for them. I wasn’t able to go since I live very far away, but I was happy that my dad asked me to make a card for them. I used 50th Wedding Anniversary Gold Foil paper from Stemma, gold flowers and Old Paper Ink on the inside white paper. For the writing inside, I printed out a poem on vellum, then rounded the corners to match the white paper inside the card and used a vellum adhesive to attach it. With the vellum over the top of the white paper, it muted the Old Paper ink just enough to make it look really nice. I was having a hard time getting the writing to show up clearly in the picture, so this sideways one was the clearest shot I could get. You might not be able to read it, but you can kind of see the Old Paper ink 🙂


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