Quick Father’s Day Card!

Wow, I can’t believe how fast this year is going by. On June 20th, it’s Father’s Day already! 35 years ago (& 1 week after Father’s Day), my dad got me for a present 🙂

Here’s an easy Father’s Day card that’s kind of cute, really easy to make and takes no special tools. I don’t know why, but this year seems busier than ever, so for me, easy and quick is the best way to go! You can view the video or read instructions further down, although I was at a little bit of a loss explaining some of the steps in writing lol

You will need:
A4 Card
White Cardstock
Graphic 45 “A Proper Gentleman” Paper
Sakura Glaze Pens
1 Mini Gold Brad
Craft Knife
Scrapbook Adhesive
Father’s Day Greeting (stamped or sticker)

Cut white cardstock to for front of card. Take your craft knife and cut a small slit in the top center, about 1″ down. Fold flaps back to form a collar for the shirt.

Take the Graphic 45 Paper, cut a tie shape (easiest way is to start from the corner of the paper so you have the bottom of the tie, then cut up and slanted a few inches so it looks like a little tie. Cut the top straight across.)

Glue the tie onto the front of the shirt with scrapbook adhesive. Make a hole through the tie and place the gold mini brad through to look like a tie pin.

Make a pocket (actually a half pocket) for the shirt by cutting a rectangle out of the white cardstock and cut off one corner. Glue the pocket onto the side of the shirt and then cut a small triangle of the Graphic 45 paper to make a handkerchief sticking out of the pocket.

Make faux stitches around the collar and pocket with a Sakura Glaze Pen.

Glue a Father’s Day greeting to the lower part of the card. That’s it, a cute & fun Father’s Day Card!

Use a Sakura Pen to make faux stitches on the collar.


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