A Wedding Card

Wedding Card

Have you ever heard of Iris Folding? Well, I hadn’t until a few years ago. Turns out that it’s so easy but looks fabulous. You can go online and look for free iris folding patterns. You will get a pattern, and all you do is lay out ribbon or papers in order (it’s numbered) and tape them down as you go.

This is a bridal shower card I made recently. In fact, I have the privileged of playing the piano at the wedding this Saturday! I’m sorry that I don’t have permission to give you the pattern. I used satin ribbons to make the bells and bow on top. The corners were punched with my southwest corner punch, and the beautiful silver accents are simply peel-off stickers.


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    • Oh no…hmmm…my blog crashed a couple of weeks ago. I thought everything was back when I re-uploaded my previous posts. I’ll have to see if something happened to them. Thanks for letting me know!

    • Wow, I’ll have to check on that. My blog crashed a few weeks ago and I lost everything on here. I uploaded everything again, but I wonder if some of the pictures just didn’t make it in again. I’ll check. Thanks for letting me know!

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