How To Use Scrapbooking Eyelets

Scrapbooking Round Eyelets

I get all sorts of questions about different scrapbooking products and one I get asked often is about eyelets. People ask if they are for clothes, and how to set them, etc. Well scrapbooking eyelets are for, you guessed it, scrapbooking. Usually scrapbooking eyelets are not made to be heavy-duty for going through your washing machine and dryer. Try the sewing department at your craft store if you are intending to use them for clothing.

What scrapbooking eyelets are great for is attaching vellum or other specialty papers that glue tends to show through. They are also great for lacing ribbons and fibers through, make great centers for flowers, adding a cute touch to paper clothing die cuts, and myriads of other uses.

Eyelets are also easy to set. There are specialty tools available, but all you really need is a hard surface, a hole punch, eyelet setter and a hammer. I’ve made a short video below showing you just how easy it is to set an eyelet. Happy scrapping!


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