Using acrylic stamps

I love stamping my projects because there are so many ways to use stamps. You can watercolor the image, emboss it, color it with pens, paint it, leave it plain, chalk it, cut it out…the options are truly amazing!

Stamps are truly versatile and my favorite kind of stamps are the clear acrylic stamps. Why, you might ask? Well, I for one, am not good at lining things up when I can’t see exactly what I’m doing. And another reason is that acrylic stamps are kind of like wash & wear hair lol…use them, wipe them off with a baby wipe, put them back on the plastic. No fuss…as a busy mom, I sure can appreciate things that are easy!

If you’ve never used acrylic stamps before, here are some easy tips to get you started!


2 responses

  1. thanks. I have some of these and really really need to try them. And I have been looking up some basic stamp instructions. So this one came in handy. Very good.

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