Mother’s Day is coming up!

In about a month (May 9th), it will be Mother’s Day. If you’re blessed enough to still have your mother around, and if she scrapbooks too, here are some great ideas for gifts!

Does your mom have a die cutting machine? How about snooping around and see what dies or cartridges she already has and get her one she doesn’t. The same goes for embossing folders or other accessories for her machine.

How about giving her a scrapbook kit, or maybe make her a pre-made album for her to finish with the pictures she wants.

Think about storage also…does she need some way to store her paper better? Does she need a ribbon organizer? Think of things that might make her crafting time easier. Most storage supplies are easy to find at places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

Something I love the most are just plain scrapbook embellishments. After all, who wants a boring scrapbook? These are the buts and bolts of all your projects too! Find some basics for mom like brads, eyelets and so on.

So anyway, you have a month, get those thoughts swirling 🙂

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