Working with die cuts

Do you ever look at your die cuts and just think they are a little bit blah? I used to do that, but I’ve come across a few solutions to give a plain die cut the extra edge. How about an easter egg shape? Yep, looks like an egg lol. What’s a pastel egg going to do for your card? It’s ok, but for an extra wow, consider embossing the paper with a machine or a brass stencil. Another favorite of mine is to use Stickles and make a design. Also try using a butterfly sticker, get the sticky off the back with powder. Then fold it in half so the wings are up & attach it’s body with a Zot.

Another option is to add bling jewels or bows. Basically, any type of dimension, whether it be slight dimension from embossing or more dimension with a more 3-D approach will make that plain die cut sizzle! So no more excuses, take your die cuts to the next level!


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