Sewing on Scrapbook Pages

If you’re like me, your poor sewing machine hasn’t seen the light of day for a long time. Well, it might be time to take it out of the closet and let it get a breath of fresh air! My sewing machine is probably 25 years old now, but it has really nice stitch patterns on it that can really enhance a scrapbook page. Even straight stitch and zig zag can work wonders, and it also helps hold your mats and paper layers together.

What I do first is cut my photo mats ( I like to layer at least two papers for each mat), then I use a cheap acid-free glue stick and paste the layers together just to hold in place.  Then I sew around the edges with a straight stitch. It looks really great to use a contrasting thread ~ for example, use black thread on pink paper, and so on. If your page really needs a kicker to spice it up, try using a feather stitch or another fancy stitch to sew the whole way around your page, making a very fancy border.  Don’t be afraid to experiment! I got really tired of sewing clothes, but sewing paper is awesome, and much easier 🙂


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