Stained stamps?

What happens if you are busy stamping and you get interrupted and don’t clean your stamps right away? If you have little kids in the house like I do, it happens. Another thing is, if you stamp with inks such as StazOn, they tend to stain rubber stamps especially.

One easy trick is to keep a baby wipe handy so that when you are done with a stamp, you can just lay the inked surface on the wipe to keep it moist. This will help with easier cleaning later when you are finished working.

Sometimes stamps will not look clean no matter what you do. An easy way to see if your stamp is clean for your next project is to huff on it and then stamp onto a piece of  white paper. If no ink comes off, then your stamp is all ready to go. If not, be sure to use a stamp cleaner or simply wash with dish-washing detergent till the residue comes off.  No matter what, always try to get your stamps cleaned as quickly as possible and you will have long-lasting stamps for all those fabulous projects!


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