What is a brad anyway?

chirping birdie brads

If you’re a scrapbooker, you’re probably looking at the title of this blog like, duh…I know what a brad is lol. Well, I keep getting asked over and over by beginning crafters, “what is a brad”? It seems that they think it might be some sort of furniture nail or something and they just can’t understand why you would put something like that on your scrapbook page. So here’s the scoop!

A brad is a metal embellishment with a designed front and two metal prongs on the back. The front can be plain or fancy. They come in round and shaped designs and the design can be about any size. Most common are round brads, which come in 2/16″ (micro), 1/8″ (mini), 1/4″ (medium), and 5/8″ (jumbo). They also come in differing designs like  fabric covered, glittered, epoxy, jeweled or  painted. 

The important part is their function. They are great for holding different papers and embellishments to your scrapbook pages and cards. Simply push the two metal prongs through a small hole and spread them out on the back. Simple, beautiful and functional. I can’t seem to make any project without them!


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