How to remove photos from a magnetic album

After years sitting there in your living room, have you ever decided to remove your pictures from your magnetic album to put in a scrapbook album? Almost all of us have been there, and have been disheartened to see that those photos are molded there for good, it seems. You try to gently lift them off, and what happens? They tear of course.  Well, I just heard a great tip and you might want to give it a try before you ruin any more photos!

Get a piece of dental floss and gently slide it under the photo. Move it back and forth as gently as possible. If this doesn’t work, try using some heat from a hairdryer. Sometimes this will loosen the glue enough for you to continue sliding the floss further. If these two tips don’t work, you may just have to settle on scanning the photos and doing the printing thing. Either way, you still will be able to preserve your photos for a great scrapbook!


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