Dare to be Different!

So you’ve been scrapbooking for a long time and sometimes you just can’t find the right scrapbooking supplies to put in your scrapbook. How do you expand your horizons? How do you become more creative?

Well, for one, be personal. That’s what makes your scrapbook unique.  Try not to let conventional thinking determine what you use in your scrapbook. Just because there are all sorts of die cuts on the market for your toddler’s scrapbook page doesn’t mean that you need those in particular. How about using a piece of their favorite blankie for your page? (just don’t try taking a piece of it when they’re still using it lol).  How about using a piece of your old favorite jeans for a design instead of throwing them out?  As long as you have a theme, don’t dispel items that most scrapbookers aren’t using, who knows, you might be the one to start the next  trend!


One response

  1. Agreed! I’m always thinking of ways to reuse things. Packaging from food and old clothes are a couple of my favorites. I also like to use the packaging for my scrapbooking supplies since the cardboard tends to have a shiny coating and pretty designs. :o)

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