Holding it all together

No matter if you’re an everyday scrapbooker or you do it once a year, everyone needs a way to hold all the parts of their layout together. You can use brads, eyelets and other embellishments to fasten some things down, but when it comes down to the wire, you have to have glue!

Scrapbooking glue comes in many forms, but it’s not exactly like your school glue you had as a kid. Scrapbooking glue is acid-free, designed to preserve your photos and special memorabilia. There are various forms of glues you can buy. Some are meant for ribbon – it will not soak through the ribbon and leave a stain. There are glues for metal embellishments, very sturdy to hold the weight, and glues for paper that will dry clear and not wrinkle the paper.  So no matter what kind you need, just give it a check over, make sure it’s archival safe to keep your precious memories intact and fastened down.


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