Adding a little bit of age to your scrapbook

Have you ever tried scrapbooking old photos, but all the new products just look wrong with your photos? Well, distressing to the rescue. Distressing makes your new products look old so that they will match better with your vintage layout.

An easy way to distress is to use sandpaper to rough up your paper. Any common sandpaper will work, and it looks great especially on white-core cardstock. After sanding, use an ink like Tim Holtz Old Paper Distress Ink Pad to lightly ink where you sanded.

Another great technique is to take your paper, wrinkle it all up, then ink with Tim Holtz’ Walnut Stain, Antique Linen or any brown ink (the ink will just get on the wrinkles). After this, mist it with water so the distress inks run. Then take a craft iron and iron your paper flat again. You will be totally amazed at the results!

Another idea is to tear the ages of the paper slightly and use a light brown ink around those edges…old paper look instantly! You’re ready! Don’t be intimidated by those old photos again!


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