How to organize your scrapbooking supplies

If you’re like most scrapbookers, you see scrapbooking supplies on sale, and without an actual project in mind, you buy them because they are a great price (guilty a million times over!) Well, eventually they do come in handy, but they’re not much use scattered all over, so that you can’t even find them when you decide that you need them (um, let’s not talk about the ones that you don’t even remember buying when you finally find them lol).

Here are a few ideas I use to organize my scrapbooking supplies that might be helpful to you too. if you have access to a few small shelves, these are great for storing your  paper punches so you can see what you have. If you have shape sets, corner punches, border punches, etc, it’s great to line them up according to size or just by type. 

Another thing I use all the time are the 12″ x 12″ storage boxes that have 3-4 drawers. This way, you can store papers in one, stickers & rub-ons in another, and little packs of embellishments in another. My paper kind of took over, so I had to get one with many shelves, but the pull-out drawer type were a great way to start.

Jars are also fun. You can separate brad colors in the small baby food jars so you can see exactly what you have. I use my children’s old Nuby cups minus the tops to put my embossing pens in. keep your eyes open for things  these that make organization easier. Happy scrapping 🙂


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