How to overcome scrapbooking burnout

Have you ever experienced scrapbook “burnout”? I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You look at those photos and have no idea where to start- you don’t even have an idea, right? Been there, done that so many time. It’s ok, I have some ideas to get you thorough the scrapbook desert!

How about looking through those photos and just reminisce in your mind what the memories are that go with that photo. Just take a pencil and lightly jot on the back or in a notebook what the memory was that you wanted to keep. Can’t remember? Don’t stress, just move on to the next one. A family member or friend might be able to help you with the strays later.

Another fun idea is to just go through your scrapbook suppliesand organize them so they’re ready when you are. It’s discouraging to me to even start a project when I can’t find anything I’m looking for, and believe me, I’m probably the world’s messiest scrapbooker!

Another idea to get you over the doledrums is to just leaf through scrapbooking magazines and look at what others have created. I know that usually puts some ideas in my mind, even if I’m not quite ready to attack a new project yet.

Hey, maybe you did find a cool photo in that mess you were going through earlier. If so, just start with that single photo and see if you can find some matching papers, stickers, or ribbons.

I hope these few ideas have helped you like they do me. Happy scrappin!


2 responses

  1. I have had serious burnout! Unfortunately I do it for my class each year so there is no real down time!

    I may have to take a photo of my scrapbook station when I am done (just a few pages) cause…mess is me 🙂

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