Adding a personal touch in your scrapbook

When you are scrapbooking, it’s easy to just want to attach the pictures and some cute embellishments, but forget to leave out some personal touches. How about a piece of cloth from your child’s favorite blankie, a flower from your wedding bouquet, or a ticket from a once-in-a-lifetime event?

The problem sometimes is that you have no idea how to attach these pieces, but there are amazing scrapbooking adhesives these days.  There are keepsake envelopes to put memorabilia in that you don’t want to glue and my absolute favorite for bulky items is terrifically tacky tape. I’ve even stuck tiny beads to a scrapbook page and they stay put! It also comes in a sheet for large die cuts and large memorabilia. Liquid glues are also amazing. There are different kinds for ribbon, paper and metal embellishments.  Hope this gives you some creative ideas for saving a piece of those personal items that give you joy!


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